We’ll Design, Repair, or Upgrade Your Sound System

Professional Audio System Consultation Design Installation Maintenance NYC

We’ll design, repair, or upgrade your sound system.
Audio systems services at Custom Playback Systems include consultation in every step of your audio system plan. We can evaluate the needs of your bar, nightclub, or restaurant and make appropriate recommendations for utility service (electrical, HVAC), specific equipment, and placement/installation. All plans include built-in accommodations for future upgrades.

If you already have an existing system, we can evaluate the integrity of its operation and make suggestions for improving efficiency and reliability.

If your system is in need of repair, or tuning, we can have it working and sounding great in no time!

Custom Playback Systems also offers ongoing maintenance, tailored to your specific needs and budget. In the long run, service agreements are a cost-effective alternative to a la carte service (usually only employed when problems arise).

Ongoing service provides regularly scheduled maintenance visits that can detect and identify potential problems before they become costly repairs, or untimely equipment failures that can result in downtime. This also provides continuous opportunities to provide face to face training for your staff members who are called upon to operate the system during the normal course of business.

Custom Playback Systems is also able to provide audio/video surveillance systems that let you monitor and record activity, throughout your establishment from any on site, or remote, location. Beyond security, these systems can be used to review and improve workflow procedures and provide visual and audio data for employee training. Custom Playback Systems proudly uses Everfocus Components.


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