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Custom Playback Systems is where you find high quality sound for clubs, bars and lounges

Custom Playback Systems was founded by NYC born and bred, audio recording and mixing professional, Jose Fernandez.

Jose’s interest in audio was first piqued by his dad, whose pride and joy was a shock-mounted, Garrard turntable, housed in a tube amplified, console T.V. system. To make mix tapes (on the then fancy and new cassette medium), he recorded on to a portable recorder via an external microphone. Through the years, his dad kept upgrading his equipment and thus gave Jose the foundation for his love of audio systems, which was further fueled by growing up in the NYC dance club scene. Many a late night (and early morning) was spent at The Funhouse, Paradise Garage, The Loft and far too many others to mention. The artistry of DJs such as David Mancuso, Larry Levan, Jellybean Benitez, and so many others, led to the admiration and appreciation of the system design work of Al Fierstein, Richard Long, Alex Rosner, and Gary Stewart. This all inspired Jose to start his professional audio career, over 20 years ago, first as a recording technician working with world-class artists, engineers, and producers at various NYC recording studios (Platinum Island, Marathon, The Apollo Theater, House of Sound and Manhattan Center). He moved on to sales of professional audio equipment and audio systems contracting services at Manny’s Music and AST Sound. During later stints in media licensing, woodworking and even finance, Jose continued consulting, designing, installing and maintaining audio for numerous establishments, eventually forming Custom Playback Systems in 2011.

Custom Playback Systems welcomes inquires from proprietors, architects, and contractors.

Our focus is on delivering the sonic quality and reliability that allow our systems to be relied upon, night after night, positively contributing to your bottom line, while minimizing noise complaints that eventually lead to costly fines.

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