Where to start in getting a sound system; how much does a sound system cost?

Where to start in getting a sound system; how much does a sound system cost?

How much does a sound system cost?

This is obviously the most popular of Frequently Asked Sound System Questions, so we’ll start here:

Appropriately allocating a budget for a sound system, a part of your business that adds so much to your bottom line, is absolutely necessary. Custom Playback Systems can work with your current budgetary parameters to make sure you are “ready for prime time” on day one, as well as provide ways to have room for growth as your needs expand.

Contact us and we can walk you through the steps, to get you where you want to be.

Should we contact Custom Playback Systems before, or after construction?

The sooner you think about incorporating the sound system considerations and needs, to your plans, the more likely you’ll be able to spend less and spend it wisely. Custom Playback Systems can work directly with you, your architects, contractors, and designers to ensure that all elements of the audio system fit seamlessly into your vision.

Again, the earlier you involve Custom Playback Systems into your development plans, the better.

What about potential noise complaints?

To mitigate potential fines and possible shutdowns by your local authorities it’s best to avoid circumstances that may lead to noise complaints. Please refer to NYC’s 311 website for details on what is considered a legitimate noise complaint that leads to subsequent law enforcement response. Your local noise code may differ and should be referenced for your specific place of business.

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